This is a sample dinner menu -~

prices and menu items may not be the same when you dine at Pot au Feu.


Entrees come with

Pot au Feu’s Warm French Bread & Butter

Salade Verte - a mixture of seasonal greens with Housemade Mustard Vinaigrette and Raspberry Balsamic Vinaigrette


Choice of

Baked Russet Potato, Baked Sweet Potato, Pommes Frites, Rice Pilaf, or

Pot au Feu’s Dill Potatoes – Crispy Deep Fried White & Sweet Potatoes

served with a side of Creamy Sour Cream & Dill Dipping Sauce.


Chef’s selection of Seasonal Vegetable


Hors d’oeuvres

Escargots a la Bourguignonne~11

Snails broiled in their shells with garlic-parsley butter.


Soupe a l'Oignon~9

Our famous crock of onion soup with gratineed cheese.


Soupe du Jour~7

Made from scratch with fresh ingredients.


Bisque de Hommard~10

Creamy lobster bisque.


Pate Maison~9

Chicken liver mousse with French Brandy and croutons.


Foie Gras Bodiguel~24

Fresh duck liver pan seared with rich grape essence and demi-glace.


Terrine de Campagne~9

Country Pate - Veal, pork, duck liver, pistachios, Cumberland sauce.


Terrine de Printemps~9

Grilled vegetables layered with goat cheese, served with balsamic reduction.


Filet de Saumon Cru~10

House cured salmon gravlax with cucumber salad and sour cream.


Huitres Lorraine~10

A trio of Oysters on the half shell gratineed with sour cream, bacon & horseradish.


Pate de Poisson Bleu Fume~10

Smoked bluefish pate with toasted croutons.


Salade Caesar a la Provencale~9

Romaine lettuce, Caesar dressing, Capers and Nicoise Olives.


Salade au Chevre~9

Goat cheese and roasted red peppers with field greens and baby herbs.




Traditional dishes from the Provinces of France


Pot au Feu~29.95  “The Sunday Dinner of France”

“There are as many recipes for Pot au Feu as there are Grandmothers in France”. Ours is traditional of tender beef and chicken braised in a rich bouillon with a melange of fresh vegetables – onions, leeks, carrots, celery, cabbage and red bliss potatoes. The meat and vegetables are separated from the broth which is perfect for dipping a warm crusty slice of our French bread. Traditional garnishes of coarse salt, cornichons baby pickles and warm creamy horseradish mustard sauce are presented with Pot au Feu.


Crepes du Jour~19.95

Sidewalk stands, farm house tables and 3 star restaurants all serve crepes that are enjoyed at breakfast, lunch & dinner all over France. Sweet for dessert and savory for entree.  Pot au Feu presents two savory crepes - flipped, stuffed, rolled and baked with the Chef’s ever changing selection of fresh filling and sauce.


Crepes Lulu~19.95

Chef’s selection of fresh vegetables rolled in a classic French Crepe *crepe batter contains egg


Quiche du Jour~15.95

Inspired by the regions of France and made with the Chef’s choice of seasonal ingredients baked with fresh egg custard in a light pastry crust


Bouillabaisse Marseilles~32.95

From the Riviera - a variety of fin fish, whole shrimp, mussels, clams, potatoes and onions poached in a fragrant saffron and tomato broth.  Served with aioli.


 Sole Amandine~26.95

Filet of sole sauteed with lemon, butter, white wine and slivered almonds.


Scrod Nature~24.95

Fresh schrod baked with bread crumbs, lemon, white wine and butter.


Saumon Citron~28.95

Salmon fliet, skinless and boneless, broiled with orange, lemon and lime butter garnished with mandarin orange.


Swordfish Provencal~30.95

Swordfish steak seared and served with tomato, garlic, calamata olives, green peppers

and virgin olive oil.


Coquilles St. Jacques et Crevettes Lorraine~31.95

Jumbo shrimp and tender scallops baked with bacon, horseradish and sour cream sauce in a “coquille” shell.


Shrimp Grenobloise~25.95

Whole Shrimp Sauteed with Lemon, Butter, White Wine and Capers tossed with Penne.


Fruits de Mer et Homard au Penne~34.95

Lobster, Shrimp and Scallops tossed with Spinach, Tomato, White Wine & Penne.



Filet Mignon aux Champignons ~38.95

A thick Filet Mignon seared and served with a sauce of Chanterelles, Morels, Cepes, Shitake mushrooms and demi-glace.


Steak Frites~22.95

Quintessential French bistro steak pressed in cracked peppercorns, seared and served “au Poivre” – with a stack of Pommes Frites accompanied by Bearnaise dipping Sauce.


Tournedos Bearnaise ou Bordelaise~34.95

Medallions of beef tenderloin seared and served with a choice of Bordelaise or Bearnaise sauce.


Black Angus Steak a la Pot au Feu~27.95

Black Angus “Flat Iron” steak with a mellow garlic and parsley butter.


Sirloin Eschallotes~29.95

Sirloin steak seared and served with glazed shallot and chive butter.


Veau Blaisdell~29.95

Medallions of veal sauteed with garlic, tomato concasse, mushrooms, red wine and demi-glace.


Boeuf a la Bourguignon~32.95

Hearty chunks of beef marinated in red wine and spices, braised until tender, served with potatoes gratinee.


d’Agneau Jardiniere~31.95

A hearty Lamb shank braised in red wine with tomato, onion, potato and carrot



Poulet Estragon~19.95

Boneless and skinless breast of chicken sauteed and served with velvety tarragon sauce.



Poulet Farci du Jour~23.95

Boneless breast of chicken stuffed with daily specialities and served with sauce supreme.



Foies de Volaille Lyonnaise~16.95

Marinated chicken livers sauteed with white wine, Madeira and julienned onions.



Poulet Romarin et Limon~19.95

A half chicken roasted with fresh rosemary and lemon.


Caneton Framboise~28.95

Duck breast slow roasted on the bone served with succulent confit duck leg sauced with a rich caramelized orange and raspberry reduction.